Thai Green Curry- Slimming World Style

September 4th, 2014, Posted in Life, Recipes by Alexandra | 1 comment

I tried making my first even Thai green curry last night. I think it went quite successful. It was a little spicier than a green curry you would get from a Thai restaurant/take-away but it was nice to have a little bit
of a kick to it.


Ingredients needed:

  • chicken fillets, thinly sliced
  • 600ml chicken stock
  • 2 tbsp Thai green curry paste
  • 200ml light coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp Thai fish sauce
  • 1 lemongrass stalk, halved lengthways
  • a pinch of sweetener
  • 8 spring onions, cut into diagonal lengths
  • 200g sugarsnap peas
  • 200g mangetout
  • juice of 1 lime
  • fry-light or a similar low-cal cooking spray

To make the Thai green curry, first of all spray a wok or frying pan with the cooking spray. Add the green curry paste and the coconut milk, stir and cook for a couple of minutes.

Add the chicken, the stock, the fish sauce and the lemongrass and the pinch of sweetener. Once brought to simmer add the mangetout and sugarsnap peas. Continue to let this simmer for around 6-8 minutes or until the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Then add the lime juice.

Then serve alongside rice.

This should serve 4 people.

Slimming World

September 3rd, 2014, Posted in Life by Alexandra | No Comments

I started Slimming World at the end of June 2013. So far on my Slimming World journey i have lost approximately 1st 6 lbs (although recently put 6 of that back on due to my holiday and eating all of the wrong things).

At the beginning of my journey i set a target to lose 2 stone. Although it has taken me a while i think Slimming world is a brilliant way to lose weight, you also get a chance to meet a network of people through staying to group; where you can talk  about any problems or challenges you are facing as well as sharing tips.

The difference between these two photos of myself is 1 stone and  there is 7 months between the two photos.

As from today, I am going to get back on track, making sure i cook my own meals, starting with cooking a new recipe I’ve never tried cooking; which is Thai green curry.

Buying bits for the house

August 28th, 2014, Posted in Life by Alexandra | No Comments

Before we went on holiday we decided to buy a few bits for the house, as Tesco were doing their clubcard boost we decided to use some of our clubcard vouchers to save a bit of money. We managed to pick up quite a few items using all of the vouchers and a little bit extra using cash. We also used their click and collect service which is a lot easier than having to traipse around the store looking for the items we liked.

I was so excited to collect these items when our order was ready, I cant wait to go shopping for some more home bits. The next shopping trip on the list i think will
be Ikea.

This is the Samsung microwave we bought, we will be reviewing this as soon as we get a chance to use it. This was the most exciting of our products that we bought. The other items were mainly cleaning bits, ready for when we move in such as a mop and bucket, a dustpan and brush and a clothes airer.