This blog is all about Gavin and I and where the story begins.

We  both come from and still live in Southampton, Gavin is 27 and a website designer and myself  (Alexandra) am 25 and i am a room leader in a private nursery, working in the baby room.

Gavin enjoys gaming as well as sports and plays football on a regular basis as well as watching and supporting arsenal. Gavin can be quite creative which i am hoping some of his creativity will be put into the house.

Myself  (Alexandra also known as Alex) can be quite creative at times also; i was into making my own jewellery; especially bracelets but have recently found an enjoyment in cooking and will try to cook a range of recipes that you may see from time to time on our posts.

We met each other in September 2009 and our friendship quickly blossomed and by October 2009 we were in a relationship with each other. After nearly five years together we are finally getting on the property ladder and buying our first house.