First Time Baby Foot Painting

December 1st, 2016 | by Alexandra | No Comments

Imogen experienced her first painting activity today. We decided to get her footprints ready to make homemade Christmas cards. Foot painting is a great sensory activity for all ages, you can help to boost vocabulary talking to the children about how the paint feels and the colours you are using which you can do with children of all ages including the babies, also this activity can help the older children to build their physical skills, getting them to paint their own feet and print their feet on to the card themselves.
We found the painting activity really easy to do, first off I would recommend two of you for the younger aged babies.
Get your materials ready before starting, we gathered card, the paint, paintbrush and the main essential baby wipes which made cleaning very quick and easy.
We also used a small chair where Imogen was sat firmly and we could easily access her feet.

When we started painting Imogen’s feet she seemed to really enjoy the sensory feeling of it, giving us a big smile. Once the foot was covered in paint we brought the card up to her foot rather than bringing her foot down to the ground. We held her foot at the ankle and gently pressed her foot down from her heel up to her toes, pressing down each individual toe ensuring we got a perfect print of her foot.img_3146

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