Flowers at Tesco

March 15th, 2015 | by Alexandra | No Comments

We recently received vouchers from The Orchard at Tesco for money off flowers, we decided to try a bunch from their Finest range of flowers, we did pay a little extra to get a nicer bunch. Each bunch of flowers at Tesco came with one pack of free flower foods.


Although how beautiful the flowers looked in their packaging I was  a little disappointed  when we got home as when unpacking the flowers from the wrapping I noticed one of the flowers were damaged on the stem, apart from this one flower the rest were in perfect condition.

I was still happy with the purchase though and they look lovely in our new vase which is the Royal Doulton Promises Two Hearts Entwined vase which we have put in our hallway. After seven days the flowers are still going strong, all of the lily’s have now bloomed and the flowers smell amazing.

Having flowers and plants in the house definitely makes a house much more a home.

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