We’re back (And not just the two of us)

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So it’s been over a year since we’ve posted but it’s been a very busy year and a half indeed. We have since finished decorating the dining room, the living room (apart from the flooring) and have nearly finished the spare room which has now been transformed into a nursery as we have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world on the 12th August 2016. Our daughter Imogen arrived after a very long labour which ended in her being delivered by an emergency c-section weighing a very healthy 8lb 6oz.

Back to the House 

Firstly we finished the dining room in which we had help from family.

Gavin and I started removing the wallpaper early 2015, in the may of 2015 my grandad (who is a plasterer by trade) was visiting all the way from Australia kindly offered to  plaster the walls for us.

Once plastered we had to sand down the walls using fine sandpaper to make sure all walls were nice and smooth ready for a base coat of white emulsion mixed with 50% water; this is to ensure that the paint does not just flake off when painted onto the wall as the plaster just soaks up all of the moisture to begin this. We used two layers of this mixture of emulsion and water.

The fun part of choosing the colour came next, we decided we wanted something that will brighten the room up so went for a beautiful shade of yellow called custard cream which is from the colours range at B&Q. Gavin’s Mum was a massive help, helping us to paint the walls and then to paint the skirting boards once they were sanded down.

Lastly Gavin laid the laminate flooring with help from my Dad and brother. Before laying the laminate down we chose to put down insulated underlay, which helps in keeping the room a little warmer.

We have yet to buy furniture for the dining room but we are hoping to get this within the next year and have found some items that we like from IKEA. We finished the decor of the room off with blinds from Dunelm  and a light shade from Next (which was given to us as a freebie from a family friend)


Flowers at Tesco

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We recently received vouchers from The Orchard at Tesco for money off flowers, we decided to try a bunch from their Finest range of flowers, we did pay a little extra to get a nicer bunch. Each bunch of flowers at Tesco came with one pack of free flower foods.

IMG_6449.JPG (more…)

Our February

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February has been a busy month full of festivals and celebrations as well as continuing to decorate our home. We are still halfway through renovating the bathroom, our friend fitted a new bathroom suite for us (which looks amazing) Gavin has finished the tiling of the walls, we also finished painting the one wall and glossing the skirting boards and cupboards. Only a few more bits to do such as putting in the new towel radiator and laying the flooring.

Start of the month we celebrated our first Valentines Day in our own home, instead of going out to a fancy restaurant we thought we’d make the most of owning our own home and decided to stay in and cook. We decided the lazy way and bought an M&S meal deal for £20 which was a  bargain. The meal deal included a starter, a main course, dessert, chocolates and wine.Gavin bought me some lovely flowers and a HUUUGE box of milk tray. In return I gave Gavin a handmade chocolate box bouquet full of Galaxy and Haribo.


We also celebrated pancake day, we bought the ready made pancake mix where you just add milk. It was my first ever go at making pancakes, my first one ended up in a big mess but in the end they turned out well and I was happy with my pancakes. We had several toppings to choose from including golden syrup, strawberry sauce and classic sugar and lemon.

 Gavin missed out on Chinese New Year as I ended up going to watch Psychic Sally: On the Road with my mum at Southampton Guildhall, going out for dinner beforehand to a Chinese Restaurant in Southampton City Centre. We chose to have the self- service buffet which we really enjoyed. When we paid we both received a fortune cookie. My fortune read: To retain friendship is to be tolerant, therefore it is time for you to forgive one of your friends mistakes.

What sort of things did you get up to for Valentines Day, Pancake Day and Chinese New Year?